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Specialist Support Centre

Our Specialist Support Centre (SSC) is a department within the mainstream school, which provides specialist support to 20 children that have an education health care plan (EHCP).

The SSC is organised into two mixed age classes:

  • Gardner class supports children in early years foundation studies (EYFS) and key stage 1 
  • Wiltshire class teaches children in key stage 2 

Each class has 10 pupils and is taught by a special educational needs qualified teacher. Further support is given by special educational needs (SEN) teaching assistants. All staff have a high level of knowledge and experience in supporting children with autism, ADHD, speech and language delays, pathological demand avoidance (PDA) and supporting children with special educational needs. They are responsible to delivering teaching, learning and behaviour support, all under the direction of the class teacher. Both classes adopt a Total Communication Approach and work alongside the school assigned speech and language therapy (SALT) team. 

Our SSC offers a warm, caring and nurturing environment which follows the pedagogy of Zones of Regulation to support our children to develop their own understanding and skills in emotional control and self-regulation. Our class timetables offer regular opportunities for mindfulness, sensory breaks, active learning and to be outside. 

We understand that children with autism spectrum disorder achieve their potential and feel happy when their environment, learning, communication and routines are structured and personalised to meet their individual needs. 

We recognise that our children need additional support to understand the world around them as it can seem a very confusing and unpredictable place. Our children may have difficulties coping with unexpected changes and this can cause distress and anxiety. In the SSC we follow clear, predictable and structured routines which help the children to feel safe and calm, creating a personalised timetable which is child led and tailored to the individuals needs. We know that when children feel calm and settled, they can optimise their learning and reach their full potential. We believe that a consistent approach to teaching and learning, structured classroom environments and cross-curricular use of visual supports enable the pupils to be independent and engage in learning. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the SSC for further information or to discuss your child and their individual needs. We understand that choosing the right educational setting for your special child is not an easy journey and we are here to help by answering any questions about what we do in the Specialist Support Centre.