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Curriculum overview

Whole Academy topic overview

Term Gardner Wiltshire Nuesery / Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
1 Here We Are! The Island We Live On This Is Me The Enchanted Woodlands Ice Worlds Stone Age Scrumdiddlyumptious Wild Frontier Titanic
2 Razzle Dazzle Space Our Helpful Heroes Space Habitats Around The World Victorians Celebrations Around the World Radiant Rainforests Titanic
3 Jurassic World Dinosaurs Winter Wonderland Superheroes Traditional Tales and Modern Twists Ancient Egyptians Our Local Area Stuck in the Ice! Extinction and Evolution
4 Once Upon a Time Greek Myths and Legends The Circle of Life Incredible India Robots Natural Disasters Visit China Odyssey Extinction and Evolution
5 Buildings and Bridges Storms and Shipwrecks Jurassic Park Super survivors (travelling community) Minibeasts The Inca Empire Ruthless Romans Don’t Go in the Water Tower... Ancient Greeks
6 Let’s Explore! Heroes and Villains Beware of the Dragon All about food Towns and Cities (including Crawley and The GFoL) Africa Marvellous Mayans Til We Meet Again Ancient Greeks / Transition

For specific Curriculum information for each Year group, please see our year group pages.