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Forest Schools

Forest school is a child led approach to learning that incorporates children’s right to play, to access the outdoor environment and to feel success. It enables supported risk taking, child centred learning, exploration, and play. It enables a unique way of building independence and self-esteem in young children, exposing them to the natural world at a time where it is vital for children to understand their impact on the environment.


'Our mud kitchen is the best, I have such fun making my yummy pine cone cakes and mud pies'' 

At Desmond Anderson Primary Academy, our forest school is an opportunity for our pupils to have new, creative experiences in an outdoor environment in a safe, engaging way. Children will have opportunities to learn about the natural world, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. Our forest school curriculum is a series of long-term sessions that build on the needs and development of your child. It is run expertly by a highly-trained and accredited member of staff and the children love every moment of it!

Through purposeful and careful planning of forest school experiences, we strive to increase self-esteem, improve children’s concentration, attendance, behaviour and academic achievement. At Desmond Anderson, we are fortunate to have a large green space with many types of fauna and flora. The children will experience several consecutive sessions in the forest school throughout the year in order to immerse themselves in nature and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the flora, fauna and living things that surrounds them in their local environment. The space will be utilised all year round, with lessons adapted to compliment the ever-changing conditions, resources and challenges of the natural world through the seasons.

''Forest school is so much fun, get to explore with my friends. I love watching the birds and squirrels.'' 


We put the children's needs at the heart of all our provision and forest school only continues to enhance this ethos. We are highly confident that forest school provision will not only compliment and extend the curriculum, but also nurture children to become successful lifelong learners and happy, fulfilled adults who can make positive choices about their futures.


''My favourite part is the bug hunting, I love rescuing worms'' 

Forest school learning experiences create endless opportunities for cross-curricular links to science, mathematics, English, geography and art. The experiences encourage children to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence through respectful interactions with others and the natural environment. Working as a team to solve problems, children will develop and foster communication and negotiation skills. These skills prepare the children for the world both inside and outside of school.