Club Hub

Welcome to the Club Hub! Desmond Anderson Primary Academy has a new and improved wide range of extracurricular clubs on offer to its pupils to compliment the curriculum and develop our pupils in all different aspects of life.

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We have a wide range of clubs, which are developing all the time. If you would like to offer a club to the pupils at Desmond Anderson please get in contact with the Academy Office.

As the Academy is in the initial stages of developing the Club Hub, alterations will be made to improve things as we go on throughout the year. Some of our clubs charge a nominal fee to cover resources. External clubs charge their own fees.

Current clubs

The clubs we currently have on offer are:

Jigsaw Puzzles
Book Club 
Film Club
Drawing & Colouring

For further booking details please see our current club letter.

Breakfast club

Information about our Breakfast Club

Time : 7.45 -8.45am

Cost £3 per session

Breakfast: buttered toast & jam, cereal, milk, yoghurt, fruit and water

Drop off children at the main front entrance

Once the children have finished their breakfast they will engage in light board games and other activities in the hall before they are taken to their classrooms

The club will run as another school session and all school policies and expectations will apply.