Absence and Attendance

The Academy has a legal responsibility to monitor absence, alongside parents who have a legal duty to ensure their child attends school regularly.

We are really proud that our attendance rates reflect national averages and our rates of persistent absentees are decreasing on a yearly basis. This is due to our personalised and realistic approach to attendance. We firmly believe supporting parents and families with their child’s attendance is the best way forward.

We have a committed attendance team who would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns regarding your child’s attendance.

Please follow the guidelines below if your child is absent:

Absence from School


Parents are expected to contact the academy on the first day of absence to explain about the illness. Please click here to go to the contact page. If we do have a reason to explain a child’s absence, a member of the attendance team will get in contact to ensure the child is safe. If we are unable to get a response within a reasonable timeframe, the absence will go down as unauthorised and in some instances may be reported further to the appropriate external welfare service.


It is really important children arrive on time. Children who are regularly late miss out on vital learning and have a more stressful start to the day. Lateness is monitored and if children are late after the registers close this is recorded.


Parents are required to fill in a holiday form and submit to the academy office. Holidays during term time will not be authorised, other than for exceptional circumstances. Parents who decide to take their children on holiday during term time may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Unauthorised Absence:

If no reason, or not a valid reason is given to explain a child’s absence this will go down as unauthorised.

Children who are often absent (Persistent Absentees):

If your child’s attendance rate continues to decline throughout the year, parents will be required to attend a meeting to discuss ways to improve their child’s attendance. Children who have less than 90% attendance are classed a child who is persistently absent.