Silver Star Class 1 Class

Summer- Term 6 Week 7

Saturday, 20th July, 10:33 PM

Where did the time go? Here we are in the final week of this academic year and what a busy year it has been!

We have had an action packed and very fun week in SSC1. To end our topic, 'Into the Deep', we have had a pirate theme to all activities including reading a range of pirate stories, making treasure maps, playing with the Playmobil treasure island and the pirate ship toys and a fancy dress day when the children all dressed up as pirates.

One of the stories that we read was about Pirate Pete meeting a sea monster. In our DT work we designed and made our own sea monster sock puppets. 

On Tuesday the children were very excited to perform alongside their peers from Class 2 in the special end of year 'Celebration' performance. We thank you parents for supporting your child by coming along to watch them. They had been practising very hard!  Well done children for performing so confidently!

On Wednesday we were very lucky to all go to Drusillas Park for the day with SSC2 and all the staff. This was funded by The Golden Lions Trust to who we are very appreciative for funding our fantastic day out! Thank you Golden Lions!

Thank you to all the parents for your very generous end of year gifts and cards for the staff team in SSC1. We truly appreciate your kindness. Thank you!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful and safe summer holiday.

We look forward to seeing you in September when we return to school to commence the autumn term.

Summer Term 6 Week 6

Sunday, 14th July, 8:51 PM

This week in SSC1 we have been reading the story 'Funny Fish' by Michaela Morgan. The story is about three fish and a hungry shark. We used a range of adjectives to describe the fish and tried to extend the use of vocabulary in sentences, for example: Dull, brown, spotty fish;  Beautiful, bright, red fish, etc.  We wrote sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We watched a demonstration of how to paint the three fish from the story using coloured paints and then copied the teacher model to paint our own fish pictures. We also enjoyed playing a parachute game with an inflatable shark and fish.

In maths this week we have been learning about division and sharing. We have used concrete apparatus to help us share out objects between a group of friends. The children is KS1 also started to record their 'sharing' equations using the division and equals ssymbols to write their matching number sentences.

Following our healthy start to the week with the wonderful sports day activities on Monday, we looked at other ways to keep ourselves healthy and made our own fruit smoothie ice lollies. We cut, mashed and mixed fruit and then spooned it into lolly molds. We put them into the freezer over night and then enjoyed our healthy lollies on Wednesday. They really helped to cool us down too!

On Friday we carried on the healthy theme and had fun making vegetable muffins which involved following instructions to add ingredients together and mix it all up before cooking them in the oven. Delicious!

Home Learning:

Can you make a healthy snack at home with your parents? What healthy ingredients will you choose to put in it?

Practise sharing out objects between you and your family members. Investigate - Do all numbers share out equally so that everybody gets the same amount?  Try sharing an odd number between two people.

We look forward to seeing you at the special 'Celebration Performance' on Tuesday afternoon. 


Indian Ocean Week

Thursday, 4th July, 10:06 PM

The children in SSC1 and SSC2 worked together this week on a range of activities linked to the Indian Ocean. These included learning about how plastic pollution affects marine life, finding facts about the sea creatures and learning how goods are transported across the ocean. The children worked together to produce a fish sculpture using plastic waste materials, designed posters to send the message to save our oceans and conducted research using laptops and ipads to find out information about the sea creatures that live in that area. They produced some great art work of sea creatures. In a STEM investigation the children worked together and made container ships, which they tested to see which one carried the most cargo. They then tested them using Duplo bricks.   It has been a busy week and the children have impressed us all with their flexibility and confidence to work together with their peers of different ages. 

Summer - Term 6 Week 4

Thursday, 27th June, 11:09 PM

This week we have been learning about Rockpools.  We have looked at a range of information books including photos, diagrams and labelled illustrations. We have learnt a wide range of new vocabulary related to rockpools including the creatures and plants that can be found living in them. In our shared reading this week we read and discussed the book 'Rock-pooling' by Emma Lynch.

On Tuesday we had a fantastic day out to Rottingdean beach at low tide and had fun using nets and buckets to explore the rockpools. I was so proud to see the children embracing the sensory challenges that this activity entailed. They were all true explorers and well deserved their picnic lunch and ice-cream treat at the end. Thank you to SSCPFA for paying for the cost of the nets and buckets!

In maths this week we have been learning to count in tens and understanding multiplication and the ten times table. We have been using the language 'groups of' when using the X symbol, eg. three 'groups of' ten is thirty. We used the computers to help us practise the ten times table including playing a range of maths games. The children all did really well working systematically to produce their own 10 x table poster to bring home to help them learn these number facts from memory. We hope you like our bright and colourful posters!

Home Learning:

Play some number games on including 'Hit the Button' to practise your 10 X tables. (KS1 children can have a go at playing the game for 2 X and 5 X tables too - remember to use your fingers to count, and count in 2s or 5s to work out the totals.

Write a list of the things that you caught when you went rock-pooling with your friends.

Draw a picture of yourself with your net and bucket. Maybe you could add some sea creatures to your picture too, eg a crab, a sea snail.

Colour your picture in using lots of different colours. Remember to colour carefully. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Summer- Term 6 Week 3

Thursday, 20th June, 10:31 PM

This week in SSC1 we have been reading and discussing the story ' Fergus the Seadog ' by Tony Maddox. We have enjoyed looking carefully at the pictures, asking questions, and predicting what was going to happen next. We discussed how characters may be feeling during different events in the story. We looked at the life of a fisherman including how he caught crabs in crab pots and sailed through stormy seas. 

In maths this week we have been comparing numbers and developing the understanding of the concept of more and less , most and least .  We also looked at the more than/ less than symbols to identify numbers that were the greatest.

We have been working on fine motor control activities to encourage children to develop use of the pincer grip to support handwriting, and using two hands at the same time to cut playdough sausages,  developing cutting skills using a knife and fork. 

In our art work we have been making fabulous fish applying a range of skills including tracing, painting, rolling, printing, and adding detail using collage materials. We are very proud of our finished fish!

In bucket club this week the children enjoyed playing a fishing game taking turns to catch a shark or a duck. The children loved exploring bubble froth from making 'sea snakes'!

In our computer lesson in the ICT suite this week we celebrated the progress that many children are demonstrating in their mouse skills. The children explored a range of games and activities on the computer to encourage further development of this tricky skill including moving the cursor around the screen, left click, drag and drop and using arrow keys on the keyboard.

In our music lesson this week we focused on singing topic related songs and developing use of other ways to make sounds and produce tunes using our mouths. We learnt to hum along to produce the tune of well known nursery rhymes like Twinkle, twinkle little star,  and to sing along saying 'la-la-la-la' or 'shh-shh-shh' and the tricky skill of whistling a tune.  We then took turns and played 'Name that tune!' to see if we could recognise the nursery rhyme or song the child was performing.

Home Learning:

Play 'Name that tune' with your parents and show off your humming skills. Try to hum a range of well known nursery rhymes, songs or tunes that you know well (e.g Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune).

Practise using a knife and fork to cut your dinner (or to make it easier, roll a sausage of playdough and practise cutting it into small pieces).

KS1 - Please ask your class teacher for your new login details to play 'Times Tables Rockstars' on your computer or tablet at home. (Children in EYFS will get login details next year when they are in Year 1.) 

Have a lovely weekend!

Summer- Term 6, Week 2

Thursday, 13th June, 10:14 PM

Last week Mrs.Tighe and the children in SSC1 released the butterflies, which we have observed grow and change from tiny caterpillars,  while learning about the life cycle of the butterfly.

This week we have been reading a range of stories about characters going to the beach. We have been looking closely at the illustrations and discussing what we can see in the pictures to help the children to understand the story in more detail. We have been asking questions and encouraging the children to predict what might happen next in order to support our discussion. Our reading and writing tasks have been linked to the stories.

In our maths work we have been sharing counting songs with a seaside/ beach theme. The children have played matching and counting games with fish, including taking turns to catch the magnetic fish. we have worked on addition, finding the number one more (EYFS with single digit numbers and KS1 using two digit numbers). 

In Bucket club this week the children engaged in a range of interesting sea and water themed activities including a very motivating water balloon activity. The children took turns to throw water balloons at targets, which they thought was tremendous fun! 

In ICT we have been using the computer to play simple Mouse Control games including developing skills to move the mouse around the screen, to right click, to drag and drop and also to use the arrow keys to control what happens to play simple games.

In RE we have been sharing the bible story Jonah and the Whale (aka Jonah and the Big Fish) and discussing the morals and themes in the story, including the importance of saying sorry and forgiveness. 

In music we have been singing topic related songs, using body percussion to tap out the syllables in topic related vocabulary and participating in action and movement songs.

In Science we have continued to explore the concept of floating and sinking. we have investigated and tested putting a wide range of objects in water and observed what happened.

Home Learning:

If possible (and if  you have not done so already) please send in a photo of your child at the beach for them to show the class in Show and Tell. If it is easier to email photos then please feel free to email them to school. (Please ensure children are clothed in the pictures!). In one of our stories this week the children made a sculpture of a dog out of sand. We would particularly enjoy looking at pictures of anything that you have made out of sand (eg. sandcastle, a hole in the sand). 

Practise finding the number one more in counting activities (EYFS- numbers to 20;  KS1- numbers to 100 and beyond).

When reading picture books, spend a long time looking at the pictures each time you turn the page and discuss what you can see. Then read the words in the sentences. Can you predict what might happen next?  Can you find any books about people at the beach?

Find out what type of creatures might be found in a rockpool.  Write a list of all the things that you find.

Have a lovely weekend!

Summer - Term 6 Week 1

Thursday, 6th June, 9:39 PM

This week we were pleased to see the children return to school in good spirits! We were all especially excited to see the changes in our collection of caterpillars, which had spun cocoons and then this week have gradually emerged as butterflies! The children watched and observed with  awe and wonder!  We look forward to releasing the butterflies tomorrow.

This week we have had fun commencing our new topic ' Into the Deep' ! During this topic we will learn about life... at the beach, in rockpools and under the sea. In our literacy work we have enjoyed reading a wide range of stories which are set at the beach and the children have engaged in a wide range of activities related to the stories. We pretended that we were going for a walk on the beach and had fun going on a a barefoot walk through beach media including sand, pebbles, sea weed and water. 

We read and followed instructions to make our own sensory bottles using beach phenomena - Beaches in a Bottle! We worked as independently as possible to perform the actions including pouring the different resources into the bottle through the funnel.

In our science work we have learnt about how hermit crabs change their shells. We have explored the concept of Floating and Sinking and had to predict which objects would float and which would sink. We then had to test to find out which objects did float or sink using a big bucket of water.

Our maths work followed a Beach Shop theme this week and we had to role play paying for ice-creams using different coins. We completed a number investigation by working out different numeric combinations for ten red and blue buckets. I was really pleased to see how the children could recall the number pairs that make ten to help them solve their investigation. We looked at addition and subtraction within ten.

Home Learning:

Talk to your child about the beach and, if possible, show them some photos of a time that they visited the beach. Talk about what activities you did at the beach and the things that you saw. Could you send the  photos into school for Show and Tell?

Can you write a list of all the sea creatures that you can think of, eg. fish, crab etc. How many can you find?

Can you sort different coins into sets and then count them, eg. count in 10s to count the 10p coins, count in 2s to count the 2p coins.

Have a fun weekend!

Summer Week 5

Thursday, 23rd May, 6:15 PM

This week we celebrated the end of our Wild and Wonderful topic by exploring a wide range of herbs and using favourite herbs as an ingredient  to make our own mini pizzas. The children loved exploring the herbs using their different senses, and made lots of relevant comments about their scent. We did some data collection, beginning to look at how to use a tally and block graph to record and represent information.


Following our weekly focus on The Story of Creation and comparing the stories from different religious perspectives (Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism), we decided to create our own art masterpieces inspired by the story. The children were asked to work in pairs in order to encourage them to work together and discuss what they were doing. It was impressive team work between friends and we ended up with a lovely montage of creative, artistic interpretations of the story!

In our PE lessons we have been focusing on games and ball skills. The children have made pleasing progress controlling the ball to weave around cones including impressive footwork dribbling the ball.

Have a restful half term break and we look forward to seeing you come back to school to start our new topic 'Into the Deep'  during which we will focus on the seaside and marine life.