Silver Star Class 1 Class

Summer Week 5

Thursday, 23rd May, 6:15 PM

This week we celebrated the end of our Wild and Wonderful topic by exploring a wide range of herbs and using favourite herbs as an ingredient  to make our own mini pizzas. The children loved exploring the herbs using their different senses, and made lots of relevant comments about their scent. We did some data collection, beginning to look at how to use a tally and block graph to record and represent information.


Following our weekly focus on The Story of Creation and comparing the stories from different religious perspectives (Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism), we decided to create our own art masterpieces inspired by the story. The children were asked to work in pairs in order to encourage them to work together and discuss what they were doing. It was impressive team work between friends and we ended up with a lovely montage of creative, artistic interpretations of the story!

In our PE lessons we have been focusing on games and ball skills. The children have made pleasing progress controlling the ball to weave around cones including impressive footwork dribbling the ball.

Have a restful half term break and we look forward to seeing you come back to school to start our new topic 'Into the Deep'  during which we will focus on the seaside and marine life.

Summer Week 4

Friday, 17th May, 12:34 PM

In SSC1 we have continued to enjoy our Wild and Wonderful topic. We made pictures using a variety of seeds and the children have continued to enjoy tending our plants which have bloomed with a range of beautiful flowers this week.

In our literacy work we have enjoyed sharing the story The Enormous Turnip and have read a variety of versions and compared them. The children did well exploring turnips by cutting, peeling, and mashing to develop fine motor skills.  The children sequenced the characters to retell the story and enjoyed painting them very carefully trying to match the colours to original picture from the book. We also looked at ordinal numbers and ordered the numbers onto our pictures. 

In maths we have also looked at shapes, position and direction and were challenged to programme the beebot to move around the shape mat.

On Thursday the children had a fabulous time on the walk to Tilgate Park looking at different elements of nature. We were even lucky enough to see a deer in the forest!  They also had time for a play in the playground and enjoyed playing with their friends.

What a busy week indeed!

Home Learning:

Practise counting in 2s and 10s.

Practise writing the letters that start at the top and go 'down-up' - b,h,k,n,m,r, p.  Please help your child to form them properly to practise the correct formation.

Use the picture that you took home of the characters from The Enormous Turnip story to re-tell the story to your family.

Have a lovely weekend!

Summer - Week 3

Friday, 10th May, 10:59 AM

This week in literacy we have been reading a poem called 'The Farmer Plants the Seeds.' We have been performing actions using a range of sensory props in order to perform the poem. We learnt the term 'verse' and looked at the rhyming words within the poem.  We have continued to practise sounding words out in order to write them - mainly cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with three letters, eg man, cat.

In our maths work we have been counting in 10s and also learning how to complete repeated addition using concrete apparatus in sets.

In our art lessons recently we have been designing and creating our own garden ornaments. We enjoyed designing and decorating our own plant pots, using a range of materials and glue.  We have also used collage techniques to decorate flower pictures. KS1 children have been creating collage diagrams, including labelling them by writing the key vocabulary to show the different parts of a flower.

Home Learning:

Practise sounding out and writing cvc words that have three letters (EYFS)  or ccvc words with four letters, eg. frog, drum (KS1) 

Practise counting in 10s from 0 - 100 (EYFS)   

Practise skip counting in 10s- starting from different numbers, eg. 3, 13, 23 ,33 ,43 ,53... (KS1)

Can you name the days of the week and the months of the year in order and from memory? Keep practising!

Have a lovely weekend! 

Summer Week 2

Saturday, 4th May, 12:16 PM

In SSC1 this week we have been learning about the life cycle of the dandelion plant. We went into our beautiful conservation area at school on a hunt for dandelions and dandelion clocks. We enjoyed using forks, pipe cleaners and washing up brushes and paint to create dandelion pictures.  We looked at diagrams which show the dandelion life cycle and learnt to sing a new song about a dandelion clock.

In maths this week we have been trying to learn the number pairs that make ten so we can instantly recall them from memory. We have used a range of maths apparatus to help us count and secure the concept of addition to make ten. We made our own 'Number Bonds to 10' posters, which we were allowed to take home to help us practise.

In our english work we have continued to read the stories 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle. We have used these stories to support our work in reading and writing including using the question mark to demarcate questions.

Home Learning:

Use your Number Bonds to 10 poster to help you practise learning them so that you know number pairs to make ten, off by heart.

Sing the Dandelion Clock song to your family. Remember, it starts "Pick a clock, pick a clock, tick tock,  tick tock...."

Find other ways to make pictures or models of a dandelion plant.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

Summer Week 1

Thursday, 25th April, 1:47 PM

We are pleased to hear that you all had a good Easter break. The children all seemed happy to return to school this week and were pleased to see their friends after the two week holiday. On the first morning back to school we had a lovely circle time session which gave the children the opportunity to share their news about what they did and where they went. We focused on asking questions - what, where, who, when, how? The children produced some wonderful recount writing to share their news and drew some great pictures to illustrate their writing.

This week we have introduced our new topic 'Wild and Wonderful.' We will be learning about plants and how things grow. We have started to read the traditional tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' The children have joined in enthusiastically with the "Fee Fi Fo Fum" !  We created our own window greenhouses with broad bean seeds to grow our own bean plants.  The children did well manipulating and molding plasticine to make beanstalk pictures by rolling, squeezing and tearing the plasticine to shape it.  Mrs.Willis did a lovely 'Bucket Club' with a spring theme which included activities such as sprinkling petals over the children which they loved!

In our RE lesson we have started to think about The Story of Creation from different religious perspectives. We shared the Christian perspective by reading a story called 'Wonderful Earth' by Nick Butterworth and used sensory props to re-tell the story and create our own montage art piece to represent the darkness, moon, stars, earth, land and plants, water and animals. The children enjoyed role playing being the animals from the story. 

In our maths work this week we have been learning to estimate the quantity in different sets. We have used apparatus and real objects to count them and then compare our estimate with the actual number, saying whether it was 'more', 'less' or the 'same.'  We also moved on to estimating and counting sets in pictures in order to learn to count by pointing and moving systematically across to count accurately.  Children in KS1 have also been developing understanding of place value in numbers, by representing numbers in a range of ways using 'Tens' and 'Ones'.  They moved onto being encouraged to draw their own shapes to represent the value of two digit numbers.

Mrs.Tighe has introduced the Eric Carle story 'The Tiny Seed' and the children have continued to learn about plants and seeds including discusssing the name of different parts of plants including adding labels and captions in their writing to label diagrams of plants. The children have discussed how plants need sunlight and water to grow.  The children were very excited to follow a trail following a ball of string which lead them to a 'Big Surprise'....Lots of plants! The children loved using garden tools to dig and plant out a range of plants. A great way to commence our Plants topic! 

In their maths work they have looked at fractions as an understanding of whole, half and quarter in shapes. KS1 are also looking at simple fractions of numbers such as 'half of twenty.' 

Home Learning:

Please help your child to identify different types of plants in their garden, local area or places that you visit.

Visit the local library and borrow some books with  a Plants and Growing theme. Read and discuss them together.

Have a lovely weekend

Week 6

Thursday, 4th April, 4:39 PM

On Monday we went on a trip to Hever Castle. The weather was glorious which made for a thoroughly enjoyable day. The children had fun walking around the beautiful gardens, looking at the castle and identifying the key features including the moat, the drawbridge and the portcullis. We climbed the narrow, stone stairs to explore inside the castle including looking at furniture and artefacts. The shiny suit of armour was especially interesting! We enjoyed a picnic lunch and playing in the superb new playground. The trip was great fun and really helped the children to consolidate what we have been learning about this term in our topic 'Castles and Dragons.'  Thank you to all of the parents for your contributions to enable us to offer the children these wonderful opportunities.

Next term we look forward to a new topic called 'Wild and Wonderful.' The children will be learning about how plants grow. We will explore some of the wonders and the beauty of nature. 

Wishing you all a fantastic Easter / Spring holiday!

Week 5

Thursday, 28th March, 5:24 PM

Look at our dragon pictures that we have been working on over the last few weeks! We have applied different craft skills including using stencils, rolling paint, stamping to print and gluing detail using applique.

In maths this week we have been looking at sorting in different ways. The children in EYFS have been sorting by matching and looked at the concept of 'Same' and 'Different'. We sorted socks with different patterns - spotty and stripey, and matched the socks to find their pair. We used our fine motor skills to peg the socks to the washing line. Children in KS1 were learning to count in 2s and began to look at odd and even numbers. We have also sorted coloured objects into sets and looked at using a venn diagram model using hoops to sort objects that fit both criteria, eg, Yellow objects and Green objects, and then objects that were both yellow and green in colour, which we placed into the cross section of the venn diagram.

In our reading this week we have read dragon poems and have been sharing the book 'In the Castle' to discuss what it was like to live in a castle a very long time ago. We are looking forward to our trip next week to visit Hever Castle.  We have started reading the traditional tale 'Cinderella' today with Mrs.Tighe.

In phonics and writing we have looked at the formation of 'e' making sure that we start in the middle and go 'straight across and then up and around.'  The children have also continued practicing writing numbers and developing numeral formation. 

In our Science/ Understanding of the World lessons we have been learning about the four seasons - summer, autumn, winter and spring. We have discussed different seasonal changes. 

Home Learning:

Go on a spring walk and look for signs of spring - blossom on trees, buds and leaves appearing, daffodils and other spring flowers, insects and minibeasts. Discuss how the weather feels warmer and the days are longer in the sense of daylight hours.

Practise writing letter 'e' starting from the middle, going 'Straight across, up and around.' 

KS1 - Practise counting in 2s and look at odd and even numbers.

EYFS- sort objects into sets by different criteria, eg. by colour, by patterns, by shapes.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week 4

Thursday, 21st March, 9:29 PM

We are proud to show you castles that the children  have been making over the last few weeks in their Design Technology lessons. They have enjoyed using junk modelling materials to create their own castles with towers, turrets and draw bridges. The children have been using scissors to cut and glue and tape to stick boxes and materials together.

This week in our English lessons we have been reading a story called 'There was an old dragon who swallowed a knight.' We enjoyed singing the story and also making up our own events in the tale by thinking of other things that the dragon could eat, including our lovely Principal - Mrs. Elledge!

We have also been using a book called 'Hands, hands, fingers thumb' and have enjoyed using drums to perform simple rhythm patterns. We have been hitting the drums to tap out the syllables of words to help the children break words down to segment them. 

In our PSHE lessons we have been developing our understanding of body parts, including learning to draw simple pictures of people.

In our maths lessons we have been learning to read, write and order numbers. Children in KS1 have been working with numbers to 100 and EYFS up to 10 or 20. 

Home Learning:

Practise writing numbers remembering to start the numerals at the top.

Have a go at drawing a a person, naming the different body parts as you draw them.

Clap out the syllables for different words or for the names of people that you know. Say the word as you clap it.

Have a fun weekend!