Silver Star Class 1 Class

Week 7

Friday, 15th February, 11:36 AM

In SSC1 this week we finished our 'Mess and Magic' topic with a range of sensory activities across the curriculum areas. In our English work we were reading instructions step by step and then performing the actions to make fruit smoothie ice lollies. The children developed their motor skills using knives, forks and spoons to cut, mash, mix and scoop the fruit to blend the fruit together.

We have read a lovely story called 'Cowboys can be Kind' which is about a boy in the park that learns to be kind to his friends. This opened up many opportunities for personal and social development in our discussion about treating people with kindness and respect. We used speech bubbles and speech marks in our writing activities linked to the story.  We set up a park with small world toys and the children role played the activities about children playing in a park setting, including remembering elements from the story that we had shared.

We enjoyed using the computers to play a range of Maths games and are all trying very hard to develop simple mouse skills when using a PC computer.

Bucket club continues to be a very exciting and successful activity which the children are involved in three times each week. The sessions are always very motivating and are really helping to develop the children's speech, language and attention skills. This week one of the sessions followed a Valentine theme and the children loved taking turns to jump into the Valentine garden with a friend.

In music we had a drum workshop using all of the lovely drums that we have in school. The children learnt to vary their play including tapping simple rhythm patterns fast, slow, loudly and quietly. 

We especially enjoyed using bubbly water with brushes and sponges to clean the cars this week.

We have been very busy over the last seven weeks and look forward to our end of term break. Have a lovely week and we will see you

in term 4. We look forward to focusing on our new topic 'Castles and Dragons.'

Week 6

Friday, 8th February, 11:24 AM

This week in SSC1 the children followed instructions to make instant ice-cream in a bag using ice to make it freeze very quickly. The children enjoyed performing the actions to follow the instructions step by step, including shaking the bag for quite a long time! ... However, the best bit was eating the ice-cream at the end! 

In our maths work we have been using the counting song 'Ten in the Bed' to help us learn to subtract one and use the symbols - and = to make number sentences. We have also used teddies to play a game to develop understanding of counting and matching to numbers. Some children have been looking at adding one more and using the + symbol in their recording of number sentences. 

In maths we have also been looking at the concept of using money. The children have enjoyed role playing 'Shops', using a till to buy things using coins.

In our handwriting we have been remembering letters that start with the curve shape from last week when we looked at 'c' and 'a'.  We have moved on to looking at 'd' and 'g' this week and have been practising the formation in lots of different ways to really help us to reinforce the correct motor movements to form the letters properly.

In our English work we have shared the story 'Not like that, Like this' by Tony Bradman. We have used our drama skills to join in with actions from the story. The story linked in well to our counting activities and particularly reading numbers written in words, ie. one, four.

We have also continued to look at the story 'Mr.Wolfs Pancakes' and have been doing a range of sensory activities linked to the story.

In our science lesson this week we have continued to think about recycling and have focused our attention on the use of plastic and how we need to reduce the use of single use plastic. The children were very interested in looking at pictures of how plastic is affecting marine animals and the wildlife.

Home learning:

Please continue to practise forming the letters that start with a 'curve' including c,a,d,g and o.

Use sets of toys to count and match to numbers. Discuss adding one more and taking away one to play with the concepts of addition and subtraction.

Talk to your parents about the stories that we have read this week and see if you can tell them what happened in the stories. ('Not like that, like this' by Tony Bradman and 'Mr.Wolf's Pancakes' by Jan Fearnley)

Have a lovely weekend!

Week 5

Friday, 1st February, 2:15 PM

This week in SSC1 the children enjoyed reading and following instructions to make chocolate crispy cakes. The children were very independent performing the different actions including pouring, mixing, scooping and spooning the mixture into cake cases.   

 In maths we have continued to look at counting rhymes and recording the subtraction number sentence to show one less. We worked with numbers to 10 when singing Ten Green Bottles.

In our music lesson  we have been learning to read simple musical notation and creating simple repeating patterns to play basic rhythm patterns using maracas.

In our science work with Mrs.Tighe we have been looking at different materials and thinking about the importance of recycling. We spent time sorting materials into groups to classify a range of waste materials, eg. empty plastic bottles, newspaper.

Home- Learning Activity:

Look at a range of waste materials that you put into your family bin and discuss the materials that they are made from. Help to sort the recycling into groups by the material that they are made from: cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, metal.

Practise writing the letters that start with a little curve like a caterpillar - ie. letters c,a,d,g,q, o. Remember to start your letters at the top.

Sing some counting songs with numbers up to 10, including Ten green bottles and Ten in the bed.


Thursday, 24th January, 5:15 PM

Week 4

This week in SSC1 we have been exploring a range of citrus fruits – oranges, lemons and limes – through multi- sensory exploration. We have been reading and following instructions to make a lemonade drink. We had fun using fruit with paint to print patterns.


Week 3

Thursday, 17th January, 7:54 PM

This week Mrs Howe and the team opened up the mud kitchen, so the children could explore mixing materials. The children really enjoyed mixing up great creations and lots of mud pies too.