Klimt Class

wb 23.04.19

Tuesday, 23rd April, 12:51 PM

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break over the Easter holidays.

We are beginning a new topic this week named ‘under the sea.’ We will be using the text ‘Surprising Sharks’ as part of our English learning.

In English we will discuss the book and what we know already about sharks and what we would like to find out. We will look at the structure of the book discussing the illustrations, captions and layout of the text on the page. The children will then have the opportunity to label a shark, adding short captions. They will also be writing facts they already know about sharks, as well as questions they would like answering.

In maths we will be recognising and naming numbers to 20 and above, finding numbers around us, ordering numbers to 10 and then to 20 and finding the missing number in a string of numbers. We will also use the language ‘more’ and ‘less’ to compare two set of objects and numbers.


wb 01.04.19

Monday, 1st April, 4:17 PM

**Please bring tracksuit bottoms and jumpers/sweatshirts/hoodies into school after half term to put into your child's PE bag if they don't already have them in there. We will be doing PE outside (if dry!) during Summer term.**

An exciting last week of term we have planned!

The recently hatched chicks will be visiting us this week and the children will have the opportunity to hold them and also learn about the life cycle of a hen. The children will then order the stages of a hen's life cycle independently and take part in some independent writing to explain what they have learnt.

As we approach Easter celebrations, we will be discussing how celebrations among families may be similar or different and look at how some traditions, like Easter, are not celebrated by everyone and the importance of respecting this. 

In maths we will continue our learning on time. Children will independently sequence their daily routine and in whole class maths lessons we will learn about O'clock. Children will show O'clock on individual clocks and read the time on a range of clocks. We will also discuss what activities are commonly completed in the morning, afternoon and evening, therefore developing the children's language of time. 

In English children will sequence and caption the steps of 'how to make turnip soup' as a final task for 'The Giagntic turnip' unit of work.

In phonics we are learning the tricky words my/you/they/all.

On Friday the whole academy will celebrate filling two root value jars. Children may choose the equipment and construction they wish to play with during the morning. A reminder that school closes at 1.30pm on Friday.

Please ensure your child reads and writes lots over the holidays as they are making great progress! Thank you for your on-going support in EYFS. We hope you have a lovely, restful Easter. 

WB: 26/03/2019

Thursday, 28th March, 2:32 PM


This week's learning will take us further into the story of the Gigantic Turnip. Now that we know the story inside and out, we will be thinking about the ending of the story and that delicious turnip soup.  We will be learning all about how to make soup, what ingredients we will need, and what order we need to do our cooking in. At the end of it all, we will be learning how to sequence making a soup and write the recipe.


In phonics, we continue to spend time in our phonics groups focusing on individual sounds as well as blending words together but this week, we will also be focusing on a brand new set of tricky words - my, you, they, all, are


In Maths, we will carry on learning about time and focus more on the clock itself - learning about the minutes and hour hand as well as to how to tell the time! We will also learn how to sequence our daily routine, focusing on what kinds of activities happen at certain times of the day.


We encourage parents to challenge their children to think about what time of day it is (to the 'o clock!) 


wb 18.03.19

Monday, 18th March, 5:30 PM

In English we are exploring an exciting new text; The Gigantic Turnip. We will begin our learning by discussing vegetables, seeds and growing. We will read the story together discussing the illustrations as well as asking and answering questions about the text. Later in the week we will create a story map for the book adding captions and labels. Our last English session for the week will be discussing what the characters may be saying in the illustrations and creating speech bubbles for them.

We will continue our learning on 3D shapes discussing the properties of cube, cone, sphere, cuboid and cylinder and finding everyday objects to match these shapes. We will be using the vocabulary face, edge, vertex/vertices to give one another clues for the game 'guess the shape!'

There will be an investigation area within the classroom this week to find out which objects float or sink and why.

Children will also build 3D models using junk modelling and describe the shapes they have used.  


WB 12/02/2019

Monday, 11th March, 2:12 PM


Dear Parents,


This week is our final week of Biscuit Bear, which the children have enjoyed immensely. We will focus our learning on storymapping and even have a go at re-writing our favourite part of the story, using all of the new vocabulary that we have learned so far.


In Phonics, we will be splitting up into groups from now on across the Reception unit to allow for a more targeted learning experience. We will still focus on a sound each day or on blending and segmenting for reading.


Our handwriting focus for this week are the letters g q e s 


In Maths, we will be expanding our knowledge of shape to include 3D shapes and this week we will learn to identify spheres, cylinders, cubes, and cones. The children will also be working with an adult to create shape patterns. 


See you next week! 


wb 26.02.19

Tuesday, 26th February, 4:42 PM


This week we are reading a book called Biscuit Bear' and will be discussing the story, the characters and making predictions. The children will then design their own biscuit bear and label it, after tasting some real biscuits- yum! Later in the week, children will be baking their own biscuit bear and will be bringing their tasty creation home to share with you!


In maths we are finding one less from numbers up to 10, and beyond, using physical resources, taking one away and jumping backwards on a number line to check the answer.


 We will be celebrating the whole school root values jar being filled by having a fun filled sports morning during our usual PE slots.


 In phonics we will be segmenting and blending CVC words and deciding which CVC words are real words and which are nonsense words! 


WB: 05/02/2019

Monday, 4th February, 4:02 PM


In Phonics this week, we will be going over some of our trickier digraphs, namely ar/or/er/ou/oy/ng, and air, as well as consolidating those sounds in our extended Song of Sounds lesson later on in the week.


As part of our People Who Help Us topic, we will focus our learning on Dentists and their role in helping us  keep our teeth healthy and strong. We'll be thinking about our oral hygiene and how to look after our teeth, including sequencing the way we brush our own teeth. We'll meet Sugar Bug Doug, a cheeky germ that loves food and likes to hide in our teeth, so we will need to find ways to make sure that he doesn't hand around by looking at all the things that are good/not good for out teeth and how to keep them clean!


 In Maths this week, we will be learning about weight and how to use a set of balancing scales to weigh an object. We will investigate 'heavy' and 'light' and try to predict which of our objects will be the heaviest and why we think so.


 It's Internet Safety week and we will also be learning about how we can keep safe online by reading the story of Buddy the Dog and how he helps young Ben to think about what we should and shouldn't do when we are using our tablets and computers.




wb 22.01.19

Monday, 21st January, 5:01 PM

Last week we finished learning all sounds in stage one Song of Sounds. This week the children will be taking part in exciting activities to practise the song and actions, as well as reading and writing graphemes. The children will also practise the skill of segmenting words too, e.g. pan= /p/-/a/-/n/


In English we will be learning about rhyme and finding pairs/groups of rhyming words.


In Maths the children will learn to measure items using non-standard units of measure e.g. using cubes and counters to measure the length of an item and how to order two or three items by their length/height.

The children will have a visit from a nurse this week and learn about the role of a nurse, some of the equipment they use, how to put a bandage on and how doctors and nurses do a fantastic job in keeping people safe. We will then continue this discussion in our classrooms over the week, looking at how personal hygiene, sleep and exercise keep us healthy.