Kandinsky Class

W.b. 15th October

Wednesday, 17th October, 11:50 AM

We need more helpers for our Welly Walk on November 1st in order for it to go ahead. Please let us know if you can help, we will be so grateful- thank you.

This week we are learning the rhyme ‘Five little ducks.’  We will discuss the rhyming words and come up with further words to match the rhyme. The children will be making collages of a duck and will label the duck too. The children will also be learning how to sequence the rhyme and use their phonics knowledge to say and write some initial sounds for key vocabulary e.g. duck, swimming, mother.

In phonics we will be learning the phonemes /ck, /e/, /r/, /u/

In maths we will be investigating numbers to 10 and making amounts in different ways.

Thank you for your help and support with your child’s learning and for encouraging lots of independence this term. We have had a great first term with the children and have really got to know each of their wonderful, unique personalities. The learning and progress has been so positive we can’t wait to see what Autumn 2 brings! Have a lovely, restful half term.

wb 8.10.18

Monday, 8th October, 5:17 PM



If you are able to help on our Welly Walk please sign up on the sheet outside the classrooms or let your child’s teacher know, thank you!


We have seen a huge improvement in independent dressing and undressing in PE, the children have clearly been practising at home! Please continue to encourage this skill by allowing children to dress themselves in the mornings and put on and take off their own coats, as well as zipping up and buttoning coats. Although tempting, please try to encourage your child to take their own coat off independently in the mornings rather than do it for them before they enter the classroom. They do a fab job when they take them on and off during the day independently! Please also ensure all coats are labelled. Thank you.


This week we are learning the phonemes /g/, /o/, /c/, /k/.

In Big Writing Adventures we are continuing our learning on the farm and will focus on rhyme. The children will make a collage of a cow and label their collage using their new phonic knowledge and mark-making skills.

In Maths we are continuing with number work. We will be learning how to order numbers, count piles of objects accurately and match the piles of objects to numerals. We will then compare two sets of objects using the language ‘more’ and ‘less.’

We will also be learning about harvest this week discussing giving, receiving and being thankful. We will link these to our root values.

Week Beginning 02/10/2018

Monday, 1st October, 4:13 PM

In Phonics this week, we will continue to learn new letter sounds i /n/m/d as well as practice blending words together that contain those particular sounds.

In Maths, we will be focusing on counting carefully, using our fingers, objects, and counting out amounts as well as matching the amount to numerals.

In English, we will be starting  the Big Writing Adventure. This weeks learning takes us to Old McDonald's Farm and we will be thinking all about hens, what they are, what they look like, and how we can help Old McDonald to recognise them!

General notes: As we are now in a regular routine, and all children are participating in P.E., please could we ask all parents just to double check that absolutely everything is labelled with your child's name. Without it, we cannot identify which items of clothing belong to which child and things do tend to get a bit muddled.

Thank you! 

Week Beginning 25/09/2018

Monday, 24th September, 4:49 PM

In Phonics this week, we will move on from sound-talk and learn our first new set of sounds s / a  / t /p and practice blending words that have those sounds in them.

In Maths, we will continue to focus on counting songs while we continue to share what we already know about number and shape.

In the afternoon, we have the final two school values to learn (Aspiration and Independence) and for the remainder of the week, we will share our All About Me books and play "getting to know you" games to help us remember all of our names!

General notes: Both classes have begun P.E lessons so if you haven't had a chance to bring in your child's kit just yet, please could you do so as soon as possible as children without proper kits will not be able to participate.

 As part of our independence learning, we are encouraging children to dress themselves as much as possible as well as take off/turn out their own jumpers and cardigans. It would be wonderful if this is something they could practice at home too as the quicker they can dress themselves, the more time we will have for P.E. and hall games.

Thank you!! 

Week Beginning 18/09/2018

Monday, 17th September, 4:01 PM

Welcome to Reception!

After a very busy week of settling in and learning the ropes of our very first days of school, we will spend more time this week practising routines and getting ready for carpet time where we all learn together.

On Tuesday we start our very first Phonics lesson and will learn the Song of Sounds. This will give  us the building blocks we need to learn to read! The children will be introduced to sound-talk and encouraged to think about what words the sound puppets are attempting to say.

This week, in Maths, we will also begin to think more about the things we know - what we learned in Nursery/Pre-School - and share our knowledge of number, shape, and measure with our friends and teachers.

In the afternoons, children will be introduced to our school's root values system and how we can earn reward tokens for things like being respectful, resilient, and working together. We will also be learning about our class artist and attempt to have a go at emulating some of their work.


See you next week! 



WB: 09/07

Monday, 9th July, 11:29 AM

In the week ahead, the children's Big Writing Adventure will be called "What is in the nest?"

The children will have an opportunity to build a nest as a team and then in our writing we will be looking at descriptive sentences, including the use of adjectives and conjunctions to make our writing even better.

 In Maths, we will be revising some of our existing knowledge on sharing, problem solving, and time.

In phonics, we will practice blending and segmenting using green word cards and putting them into sentences independently on whiteboards. 

It's a very busy week for us all as we will also have the chance to watch the Year 6 performance.


wb 25th June

Monday, 25th June, 8:24 AM


From Tuesday onwards we will be reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' in both Reception classes and discussing the story, characters and feelings in the book, as part of our English lessons.  Children will be writing instructions on how to make a jam or honey sandwich for the Lighthouse Keeper. In order to make the writing exciting and purposeful we will be giving the children an opportunity to make their own sandwich! They will be bringing the sandwich home to share with you. The filling will be butter and jam or honey on white bread. Please let us know today (Monday) or at the latest tomorrow (Tuesday) if your child has recently developed any allergies to these food products. We will be making a few each day, as opposed to making 30 in one day, so please don't worry if you see some children coming out of school with sandwiches and your child does not have one on that day. They will all get an opportunity to make one during the week!


Please come and see me, or the supply teacher in Klimt class, if you have any questions or concerns.




Thank you. Enjoy the sandwich!




In maths this week we will be using the skills we have learnt in previous addition and subtraction lessons to solve problems.




We will continue to practise for sports day this week please bring in trainers for your child  over the next couple of days as we have noticed that many children still only have plimsolls which are very slippery on the grass and fall off easily when running or jumping. Please bring these in ASAP thank you.




Home-learning ideas


Practise subtracting and adding 2 one-digit numbers. Use real life objects to help with this.




Write or tell a family member a set of instructions e.g. how to make toast, how to build a car from lego etc.




At home please continue to help your child prepare for sports day by hopping on one foot and moving, jumping with two feet together, jumping with something between their knees and balancing something on their head whilst walking.


Wb 18th June 2018

Monday, 18th June, 1:01 PM


This week a local author is visiting, Sue Wickstead, how exciting! In maths we will continue to learn how to subtract 2 single-digit numbers. We will also revise ordering number cards to 20, and beyond, and say one more and one less than a given number,


In English we will be reading a story by Julia Donaldson called Tiddler: The Story-Telling Fish. We will look at the structure of the story discussing adjectives used in the introduction to describe the character and focus on the problem in the middle of the story. The children will then write their own story similar to Tiddler.


In PE we will be practising for sports day! In Topic we will be discussing the world cup and comparing countries to England looking at similarities and differences. We will link our root values to the world cup discussing which of these the players will need to use and why.




Home-learning ideas


Help your child practise for sports day in the garden or at a park! You can do this by balancing a golf ball on a spoon for the egg and spoon race! Practise throwing a small ball, jumping with something between their knees, such as a teddy, and also hopping and skipping.


Write a short story about a sea creature.


Continue to practise taking away small amounts from numbers below 10, moving onto numbers up to 20 if your child is secure in their understanding of subtraction. Use objects to support this such as buttons, plastic toys, cars, pasta etc.