Kandinsky Class

WB: 27/11/18

Monday, 26th November, 3:33 PM

In Phonics this week we will be learning a new set of sounds: sh, ch, th and ng and be exploring blending and segmenting of letter sounds in our extended phonics sessions.

In Maths we will be leaning about more and fewer. Focusing on our mathematical language we will begin to identify what these terms mean an be extending our learning by finding the total between two amounts, beginning to add groups of objects together.

As part of Understanding the world we will be exploring the concept of Forces ie. push and pull and explore practical activities surrounding these ideas.

In Big Writing Adventure, we will continue to learn about Hetty's Hat Shop, focusing on the colours of the rainbow and crowns, while we give Hetty lots of different suggestions for what else she could sell in her shop.

General Notes: Please remember to bring any clothing in that your child needs for the Nativity. If you are unsure, please come and chat to one of us and we'll be happy to help. 

wb 19 11 18

Monday, 19th November, 4:07 PM

 If your child has a line(s) to learn in our nativity please can you help them to learn these off by heart by the end of the week. Only 2 weeks until our performance and when we rehearsed today many children did not know their lines. Thank you.

In phonics we are learning the phonemes /y/, /z/, /zz/ and other double consonants, as well as /qu/.

In maths we are learning to add two amounts together which have a total of 10 or below. We will do this by counting two piles of objects and we will then find the total number in the two groups by counting all of the objects. As an extra challenge, we will be learning how to write this as a number sentence using the symbols + and =.

In English we are going to be designing hats and labelling our designs using our knowledge of initial sounds and trying really hard to segment and blend simple CVC words.

wb 5.11.18

Monday, 5th November, 3:15 PM


It is assessment week in phonics. We will be taking part in activities to revisit and consolidate sounds taught so far.

In maths we are continuing our learning on shape. We will sort and describe simple 2D shapes. We will also learn how to make repeating patterns using shapes.

In English we will be learning further verses of The Three Billy Goats Gruff story, ordering the main events as a class and asking and answering questions about the story.

We will discuss Remembrance Day during circle time.


Monday, 29th October, 4:08 PM

Welcome back everyone!

This week in Phonics we will be learning new sounds h/b/l/ll as well as applying them through blending and segmenting.

Reverend Edwards is in this week to chat to us all about Harvest and what it means to give to those who do not have as much as we do, and in Big Writing Adventure this week we will be decorating a troll and learning about time conjunctions.

In Maths this week we will be learning all about 2D shapes and their properties and our activities will include geoboards and cutting.

We're also going on our lovely walk to Tilgate Park later this week and will be writing up all of our adventures. 

W.b. 15th October

Wednesday, 17th October, 11:50 AM

We need more helpers for our Welly Walk on November 1st in order for it to go ahead. Please let us know if you can help, we will be so grateful- thank you.

This week we are learning the rhyme ‘Five little ducks.’  We will discuss the rhyming words and come up with further words to match the rhyme. The children will be making collages of a duck and will label the duck too. The children will also be learning how to sequence the rhyme and use their phonics knowledge to say and write some initial sounds for key vocabulary e.g. duck, swimming, mother.

In phonics we will be learning the phonemes /ck, /e/, /r/, /u/

In maths we will be investigating numbers to 10 and making amounts in different ways.

Thank you for your help and support with your child’s learning and for encouraging lots of independence this term. We have had a great first term with the children and have really got to know each of their wonderful, unique personalities. The learning and progress has been so positive we can’t wait to see what Autumn 2 brings! Have a lovely, restful half term.

wb 8.10.18

Monday, 8th October, 5:17 PM



If you are able to help on our Welly Walk please sign up on the sheet outside the classrooms or let your child’s teacher know, thank you!


We have seen a huge improvement in independent dressing and undressing in PE, the children have clearly been practising at home! Please continue to encourage this skill by allowing children to dress themselves in the mornings and put on and take off their own coats, as well as zipping up and buttoning coats. Although tempting, please try to encourage your child to take their own coat off independently in the mornings rather than do it for them before they enter the classroom. They do a fab job when they take them on and off during the day independently! Please also ensure all coats are labelled. Thank you.


This week we are learning the phonemes /g/, /o/, /c/, /k/.

In Big Writing Adventures we are continuing our learning on the farm and will focus on rhyme. The children will make a collage of a cow and label their collage using their new phonic knowledge and mark-making skills.

In Maths we are continuing with number work. We will be learning how to order numbers, count piles of objects accurately and match the piles of objects to numerals. We will then compare two sets of objects using the language ‘more’ and ‘less.’

We will also be learning about harvest this week discussing giving, receiving and being thankful. We will link these to our root values.

Week Beginning 02/10/2018

Monday, 1st October, 4:13 PM

In Phonics this week, we will continue to learn new letter sounds i /n/m/d as well as practice blending words together that contain those particular sounds.

In Maths, we will be focusing on counting carefully, using our fingers, objects, and counting out amounts as well as matching the amount to numerals.

In English, we will be starting  the Big Writing Adventure. This weeks learning takes us to Old McDonald's Farm and we will be thinking all about hens, what they are, what they look like, and how we can help Old McDonald to recognise them!

General notes: As we are now in a regular routine, and all children are participating in P.E., please could we ask all parents just to double check that absolutely everything is labelled with your child's name. Without it, we cannot identify which items of clothing belong to which child and things do tend to get a bit muddled.

Thank you! 

Week Beginning 25/09/2018

Monday, 24th September, 4:49 PM

In Phonics this week, we will move on from sound-talk and learn our first new set of sounds s / a  / t /p and practice blending words that have those sounds in them.

In Maths, we will continue to focus on counting songs while we continue to share what we already know about number and shape.

In the afternoon, we have the final two school values to learn (Aspiration and Independence) and for the remainder of the week, we will share our All About Me books and play "getting to know you" games to help us remember all of our names!

General notes: Both classes have begun P.E lessons so if you haven't had a chance to bring in your child's kit just yet, please could you do so as soon as possible as children without proper kits will not be able to participate.

 As part of our independence learning, we are encouraging children to dress themselves as much as possible as well as take off/turn out their own jumpers and cardigans. It would be wonderful if this is something they could practice at home too as the quicker they can dress themselves, the more time we will have for P.E. and hall games.

Thank you!!