Hockney Class

WC 19-11-18

Monday, 19th November, 3:48 PM

The NSPCC will be in school this week to talk to the children about keeping safe, their rights and where they can seek help. The children will take part in an assembly and a workshop.

In Science, we will be starting to learn about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution as we build up to our big investigation.

Our PE day is Thursday. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school for this day. With the weather turning colder, it would be advisable to make sure that the children have a jumper and long jogging bottoms for outside PE. If the weather is too inclement, we will stay inside. We are focusing on invasion games (netball) and gymnastics this term.

Our Art lessons this term will focus on pop art, particularly that of the artist Roy Lichtenstein. We will also make links to our reading, and include quotes we have read from Macbeth in our own pop art.

Talk to your child about what they are doing in Maths and English this week, as the different groups will be focusing on different areas of the curriculum depending on their needs.

Thanks to all those who came to, or contributed to, the Children In Need Bring and Buy Sale! Remember, there is a non-uniform day on the 28th November to collect donations for the Christmas Event.

We are starting to learn traditional Christmas Carols for our Year 5/6 Carol Service. It would be good for the children to be familiar with/rehearse some traditional carols at home.

Mr Stepney and Mrs Sheehan

WC 15.10.18

Monday, 15th October, 5:00 PM

Dear Parents / Carers,

Year 5

In Maths, the children will be using the formal column methods for addition and subtraction and applying these to one and two step word problems. The children will need to identify key words in the questions to help them select the appropriate operations.

Year 5 and 6

In Art, we will be continuing with our street art which has been inspired by the work of Banksy. Perhaps we will shred the children’s paintings…

Our reading and writing this week will centre on The Nowhere Emporium. We will be writing our own ‘Wonders’ and will be completing a balanced argument on the morality of Mr. Silver’s endeavours. Is he justified in taking a small piece of his customers’ imagination in order to power his emporium?

Year 6

Exciting times for Year 6 this week! We will be popping through the fence to Thomas Bennett on Tuesday for a Science demonstration and some P.E., music and drama workshops. Furthermore, we have an author visiting on Thursday to give a talk to the Year 6 pupils about her debut book, The Eleventh Trade. Alyssa Hollingsworth will also be available after school, should children / parents wish to buy copies of her book which can then be signed.

During this week, the children will also be completing practice assessments to give us a better idea of the areas of the curriculum which need further coverage or revision.

Mrs. Sheehan and Mr. Stepney


Monday, 8th October, 5:07 PM

In Destination Reader lessons, we are still enjoying The Nowhere Emporium. The doors of The Nowhere Emporium are now open to customers! Ask your children to keep you up to date with what is happening as new information about the workings of The Emporium will be revealed daily. This week, we are working on inferring. Ask your child what makes a good inference.

In Science, we will be continuing to learn about Mary Anning and will placing the key events from her life on a timeline.

We have been looking at the different types of past tense in GPS. Simple past (I jumped; she ran; they hopped) past perfect (I had jumped; she had run; they had hopped) and the past progressive (I was jumping; she was running; they were hopping).

Year 5

In Maths, we are learning to use the compact column method for subtraction, including exchanging.

In Writing, we will be planning and writing a biographical piece on a conservationist. We will be writing to inform and also to entertain.

Year 6

In PSHE we have been continuing to learn about the reasons why people might become homeless. The children have been writing stories or diaries from the point of view of people who are living on the streets.

In Maths, we are learning to use short division for calculations involving four digit numbers by two digit numbers.

In Writing, we will be composing a persuasive letter to either The Collector or Theresa May. We will be using formal language and persuasive techniques.

Mrs. Sheehan and Mr. Stepney

WC 01-10-2018

Monday, 1st October, 5:16 PM

Year 5

In Maths, we will be using the formal column method of addition to solve problems involving addition. We will also be using our place value skills and will hopefully be able to recognise when to use the formal column method and when mental strategies would prove more efficient. If you would like to help at home, I would recommend using Hit The Button to practise quickly adding numbers together mentally. (It can be used for tables too…) https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

In Writing, our mission this week sees us studying the life of a conservationist in order to write a biographical article about them for a nature magazine.

Year 6

In Writing, our mission this week sees us continuing to develop our roles as budding journalists. Our articles will be a balanced report about the disappearances of the famous buildings across Europe. 

Years 5 and 6

Our school needs your help! If anyone can spare some time to accompany the children as they walk to the local church for our Harvest Festival Celebration, would you please contact the office. Thank you!

We are going to be developing our understanding of the reasons why people become homeless as we are continuing to support Open House as part of our Harvest Celebration.

In Reading we are just getting to the good bit of The Nowhere Emporium! We now know that Mr. Silver is the owner of the shop who has alluded to ‘wonders’ beyond the red, velvet curtain. Ask your child to tell you about the story so far. Can they make any predictions about what might lie ahead?

This week we will begin to find out about the life of a female, British scientist from Lyme Regis… Who could she be? What did she discover? Why is she important? Clue: She sells sea shells on the sea shore.

WC 24.09.18

Monday, 24th September, 4:35 PM

YEARS 5 and 6

On Friday we will be electing new School Councilors, House Ambassadors and Sports Captains. Children in Key Stage 2 will take part in a series of votes and will learn about democracy as part of our British Values curriculum. If your child would like to nominate themselves for any of these positions, they will need to prepare a statement outlining why they believe they should be elected. Teachers will be giving out application forms to those who ask for them! ALL pupils are eligible for election to the school council, however, only Year 6 pupils can be elected House Ambassador or Sports Captain.

In Reading, we are continuing to read The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie and we are focusing on our ability to clarify meaning. What can we do to help ourselves when we don't understand a word/phrase or sentence? Ask your child for their strategies!

Our Science lessons this week will continue to focus on the fossilisation process and how to write an explanation text.


As part of our Big Writing Mission, we have been informed that a large, ferocious fire has spread through the rainforest. We will be writing newspaper articles to inform the general public and persuade them to stay away from the affected area. We will be making sure we include fronted adverbials of time (Early this morning,....) and ambitious vocabulary (engulf, rampage, devouring).

In Maths, we are learning to count in 10s, 100s, and 1000s and placing these numbers on a numberline. We will also be learning about negative numbers.


In Writing, we are still baffled by the mysterious disappearances of iconic buildings throughout Europe. We will be writing a newspaper report to allay people's fears and give them as much information as possible. We will be making sure that we include fronted adverbials in our newspaper reports ( e.g. Shortly after 8:15 this morning,...). We will also include conjunctions to help us compose a balanced report (e.g. however, although, on the other hand).

In Maths, we are working on addition and subtraction, knowing which methods to use when and recognising the inverse nature of these two operations. (e.g. 540,000 - 40,000 = 500,000          500,000 + 40,000 = 540,000)

To help at home you could:

- Take a trip to a local library to research something that has interested your child (or to read for pleasure!!!)

- Read as many (appropriate) newspaper reports as possible with your child and discuss the organisational features and the content

- Practise, practise, practise times tables with the children. Play games (even on the computer!).

Mrs Sheehan and Mr Stepney

WC 17.09.18

Monday, 17th September, 4:49 PM

Today, Year 6 had a really interesting time at Junior Citizen learning about railway safety, Neighbourhood Watch, fire safety and recycling to name but a few examples. Ask your child about some of the excellent safety tips they were given by the numerous experts on hand.

In writing, Year 6 have been continuing their Big Writing Mission and have been learning about relative clauses and active and passive voice. They will be working towards writing a formal incident report this week. Year 5s have been continuing their Big Writing Mission and have focussed on determiners and expanded noun phrases.

In Maths, both year groups are working on their understanding of place value and solving problems involving very large numbers.

We have started reading The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie. Ask your child what they think about it! Where did it come from? What does the shop sell? What is going to happen next?

Our Science topic is the fossilisation process. The children will be showing what they have learnt by writing a chronological report in which they explain the process of fossilisation.

You can help at home by:

- finding out about famous scientists and paleontologists

- reading and making predictions about characters, settings and plot

- working on a multiplication table your child finds difficult.


Secondary Open Days

· Hazelwick 18th September

· Oriel 19th September

· Ifield Community College 20th September

· Thomas Bennett 25th September

· Holy Trinity 27th September

· The Gatwick School 2nd October

· St.Wilfrid’s 4th October


Mr Stepney and Mrs Sheehan

WC 30-04-18

Monday, 30th April, 4:24 PM

Countdown to SATs has begun! In our English and Maths sessions, we are focusing on revision in preparation for the upcoming tests. At home, please help your child to go over any areas in which they are still having difficulty (basic calculation – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Please assist your child in becoming (more) familiar with the grammatical terms required for the GPS test. It is important that the children are reading as much as possible in order to improve their fluency and pace.

There will be information coming to you about a morning breakfast club for SATs week.

Over the next three weeks it is extra important that your child is well rested and going to bed at sensible hours. Barring accident and illness, please try to ensure that your child is in school for all sessions to make the most of revision opportunities.

Mr Stepney and Mrs Sheehan

WC 23-04-18

Monday, 23rd April, 5:13 PM

Remember, today was the deadline for the book bingo scores to be in! Bring them in tomorrow if you didn't give yours in today!

In writing, we will be starting our first ever Big Writing Adventure. We will be looking at incident reports and learning how to use a number of structural and grammatical features. Ask your children about the mission they have started this week.

Our class text this term is 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio. We will be using this text to help us develop our higher order reasoning skills and also to drive our PSHE lessons. We will also be writing some balanced arguments based on issues raised by the book.

In Science, we are investigating the effect of excercise on heart rate. We will be planning and carrying out investigations and will record our data in the form of tables and graphs. At home, the children could practise taking their resting heart rate and comparing it to their heart rate after excercise.

In Maths this week, we are learning about scale factors, statistics (including calculating averages) and timetables.