Dali Class

Week beginning 2.10.17

Monday, 2nd October, 5:52 PM

Wb 2.10.17

On Thursday this week, we have our special Harvest Festival assembly (in school this year, not at the church).


Writing: Using the persuasive language which we created last week (such as hyperboles (exaggeration), rhetorical questions and expanded noun phrases), we will be writing our advertisements to persuade people to buy our chocolate bar inventions.

Reading: This week, we will read chapters 4 and 5 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and discussing Willy Wonka’s ‘Secret workers’. We will discuss vocabulary and then use inference skills to answer questions. This means we will be finding clues in the text which tell us how a character is feeling, what they are thinking or what their motives are.

Spelling: We will be focussing on homophones this week (words that sound the same but are spelt differently (e.g. see/sea or hear/here) and practising using them correctly in our writing.


Maths: In maths this week, we will continue with rounding numbers (e.g. to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000). Then, we will be counting below zero and solving calculations and word problems including negative numbers.


Science: This term we will be looking at different materials and learning about their properties, uses and how they can change. This week, we will be learning about thermal insulators and conductors and finding examples of these.


Computing: We will begin a new unit of work in computing called ‘We are game developers’ where we will be developing an interactive game using Scratch.


DT: We will be using our designs to make our chocolate bar packaging.


Home learning opportunities

·         Practise your spellings from your home learning books (this may be the Year 1 and 2 common exception words, Year 3/4 word list or Year 5/6 word list). Use the strategies we have practised in class e.g. Quickwrite, Look, Cover, Write, Check or Pyramid.

·         Complete some Book Bingo challenges and record them in your Book Bingo scorecard (don’t forget to add up your points!)

·         Practise your handwriting using joined up handwriting (especially if you haven’t yet earned your pen licence).

·         Practise your times tables and related division facts. Go to https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button to help you practise.

·         Choose your favourite toy or game and write an advertisement to persuade others to buy it.

Week beginning 25.9.17

Monday, 25th September, 5:56 PM

Wb 25.9.17


To support our understanding of the text (Charlie and the Chocolate factory) and helping us in our writing, we will be watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week.

Writing: We will be writing adverts for our chocolate bard focussing on the persuasive features such as slogans, hyperbole (exaggeration) and interesting adjectives.

Reading: We will read the second chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where we will be introduced to Willy Wonka and his fantastic sweet inventions. After discussing the language and vocabulary used in this chapter, we will create our own sweet invention.

Spelling: This week we are continuing to familiarise with the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 word lists and we will be learning some strategies to help us practise our spellings at home. 


Maths: This week we will continue to focus on place value.


Science: This term we will be looking at different materials and learning about their properties, uses and how they can change. We will begin by learning some important vocabulary for the properties of materials. Following on from this, we will explore materials and the properties they have, discussing how this makes them fit for purpose.


DT: In DT this term, we will be producing packaging for our chocolate bars. We will continue by creating the eye-catching design for our packaging including all the features that we discussed last week.

Wb 18.9.17

Monday, 18th September, 4:45 PM

Wb 18.9.17

We have had a very exciting start to the week with our Roald Dahl Day and the children’s outfits were fabulous. We hope you enjoy eating your chocolate!


Writing: We will be writing recipes for our chocolate bars focussing on the organisation of our writing and the language we use such as imperative verbs, adverbs and asides (using brackets).

Reading: We will read the first chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where we will be introduced to the characters. After discussing the language and vocabulary used in the first chapter, we will discuss what we can infer about the characters.

Spelling: To kick off our spelling lessons for the term, we will discuss the importance of spelling before ensuring we know how to spell the days of the week and the months of the year. After this we will begin looking at the Year 3/4 and year 5/6 word lists.

Maths: Our focus this week will be on place value of 4-digit numbers (Y4) and 5-digit numbers (Y5).

Science: This term we will be looking at different materials and learning about their properties, uses and how they can change. We will begin by learning some important vocabulary for the properties of materials. Following on from this, we will explore materials and the properties they have, discussing how this makes them fit for purpose.


Computing: As we are beginning a new school year, we will be revising how to stay safe and act responsibly when we are online.


DT: In DT this term, we will be producing packaging for our chocolate bars. We will begin this week by discussing different types of packaging and why they are chosen and then deciding what we will need to include in our packaging designs.  


Home learning opportunities

·         Practise your spellings from the year 3/4 or year 5/6 spelling list.

·         Complete some book bingo challenges and record them on your bingo card.

·         Practise your times tables (use the times table sheet in your home learning book).

·         Investigate some of the materials in your home. Can you describe their properties using some of the vocabulary you have learnt this week?

·         Do some baking and write the recipe in your own words.

Dear Dali Class Parents

Wednesday, 28th June, 8:10 PM

Not long to go until the end of Year 5.  The children have been working hard to show off all they have learnt this year in their end of year Maths and Reading assessments.  I look forward to seeing you all at Parent's evening soon to discuss your children's progress.  

In English, we have been looking at how to write a report (Writing to inform) and are currently writing about a chosen animals from the fictional moon, Pandora (From the film, Avatar!)  The children have loved learning about the various animals, comparing them to the animals on Earth, and recording their ideas in a variety of ways.  This report will form their final written piece in Year 5 and will be counted as part of their assessment.  The children know this and are really pushing themselves to achieve their very best.  

To support them at home, ask them about the animal they have chosen to report on.  The more opportunities they have to talk about their ideas, the better their writing will be.

In Science we have been learning about how animals are classified and the different group's lifecycles vary.  We have studied the lifecycles of amphibians, mammals, birds and insects in more detail.  This will prepare us for learning about how humans change as they grow into adults.  

Thank-you again for all your support.  The children are much better at returning their homework in on time.  

Mrs Collar 

Dear Dali Class Parents

Sunday, 11th June, 7:37 PM

It's going to be another gloriously, sunny week - please make sure children have their water bottles in school to fill and stay hydrated.  We take our water bottles out to play with us and during outdoor PE sessions.  

On Friday we will be attending an exciting morning at TBCC!  We will return to school at 12:45pm and have a late lunch back at school.  

This week in English, we are starting a new unit of work on report writing (writing to inform.)  This will be linked to their Science topic; Animals and their habitats.  

In Maths, we are practising our arithmetic skills; revising all written methods for all 4 operations (+ - x  and divide.)  I will be sending home a chart showing the progression in calculation from mental (brain only) methods, to formal written methods.  Please refer to these when helping your child with any homework.  

Kind regards

Mrs Collar 

Yr 5 Dali News

Tuesday, 6th June, 6:42 PM

Welcome back to the all the children.  I hope you all had a relaxing half-term and managed to enjoy some time outside in the glorious sunshine.  

We started this final half-term in Yr 5 with a bang!  In science we attempted to create our own slime using only 2 ingredients - not an easy feat!  I am still picking up bits of goo from around the classroom.  

In Science this term we will be learning about living things and their habitats.  We will also be thinking about how things grow and change, including ourselves.  

In Maths this week we have been completing our work on perimeter and area, moving onto volume.  Again, I must stress the importance of the children being fluent in their times tables to aid their accuracy when solving problems.  

In English we have finished our unit on, "The Highwayman" and next week the children will have the opportunity to perform the poem to the rest of KS 2 in our assembly time on Thursday, which is all about what we can accomplish when we work together.

We have started a new class book.  We are currently reading, "Kensuke's Kingdom" by Michael Morpurgo.  This links in with our topic based around Rainforests - and where we get chocolate from!  

Please note that our indoor PE is now on a Wednesday.  So this means the children will have PE with me on a Wednesday (Shine awards and Athletics) and outdoor PE with Mr Lyons on a Thursday (bowling and fielding - Cricket/Rounders).

Please also remember that homework will be sent out every Friday and should be sent back into school the following week Tuesday.  

Thanks for all your support,

Mrs Collar 

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Tuesday, 2nd May, 8:54 PM

This week is a busy one (only 4 days and lots of things to get ready for camp!)

Please remember to check that your child has brought their homework back into school.  As it is camp week next week there will obviously be no homework sent home on Friday this week.

Next week is camp week.  Please see myself or Mr Stepney if you have any final questions, concerns etc.  The weather at night is going to be quite cold (-3 on Monday night apparently!)  PLEASE pack plenty of warm (extra warm) socks, jumpers, vests etc.  gloves, hats, scarves are a must.  

In Maths this week we have been continuing to find out about angles on lines, around a point and inside regular polygons.  The children now know how to find missing angles on a straight line and how to measure angles accurately using a protractor.  

In English we are retelling the main facts of the poem, The Highwayman.  This will help us to learn parts of the poem to recite later in the term.  Please ask your children to recite the first verse to you as they have practised this at school and did a great job!

Just a reminder our library time is on a Wednesday so children should bring their books into school on that day if they wish to take out a new book.

PE is on a Tuesday and a Thursday and all children will need their kits in on those days.

Mrs Collar

Dali Class News

Tuesday, 25th April, 9:29 PM

Welcome back! We hope you all had a very happy and restful Easter break and were able to enjoy the lovely weather which we had. 

Please would you make sure that you return the parent comment slip which was attached to your child’s report as soon as possible.

Please don't forget that on Friday the children can wear PJ’s or casual clothes to school as a reward for filling the Root Values aspiration jar.  As this is a reward, children do not need to bring any donation for this special day.  Do remember to send them in to school with sensible footwear suitable for running around on the playground.

Although we are having a bit of a cold snap, it is beginning to hot up and quite a few children have not brought their water bottles back to school.  We will also be doing PE outside as much as possible this term, so please make sure your child has a suitable PE kit at school for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On Tuesdays we will be working towards achieving our certificates for Shine Awards.  Children without a PE kit will unfortunately miss out on scoring points if they miss a session and this will affect their overall achievement.  

In English for the next few weeks, we are exploring poetry - reading "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes.  

In Maths we have been revisiting 2d shapes (specifically regular and irregular polygons), moving onto angles in shapes. 

In Science we have started our new topic - Materials!  The children are very excited as we will be making our own "goo!"

Don't forget, now that it is the Summer Term and we are preparing for Yr 6, children will start bringing homework home each week.  Please check that all homework sent home is completed to a high standard and sent back into class on time.  

Finally, if you have any old (still in good nick and clean though) picnic blankets at home that you don't want anymore, please could we have them to use at school now that it is sunny enough to sit outside and read.  Thank-you  

Mrs Collar